Graphic Designer

Beyond the Water's Edge (CSIS)

Having previous worked as a page designer at UMD’s student paper The Diamondback, I wanted to go back to those roots of news design for this piece. My goal was subtle and intentional design that would enhance the political nature of the report. My inspiration was newsprint and political publications. The color choice was a no brainer—red and blue to represent the two parties and purple to represent the combination of the two (to keep things balanced and not biased).

This cover is one of my personal favorites from my portfolio. Thinking of the title I thought of the image of a flat earth where the water falls right off the edge and how I could use that to illustrate the title. I used the American flag to represent American politics and had the stripes fall over the edge to demonstrate our politics going beyond our border.

Art directed and designed this report for CSIS Congressional Affairs.

Full version

McElhinny_BeyondWatersEdge_interior_v3 6-7.jpg
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